Abstract submission deadline 7 June 2023
Full Paper Submission 31 August 2023
Referees Comments on Papers 30 September 2023
Deadline for Revised Papers 31 October 2023
Conference time 20-21 November 2023

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Conference topics


Control and vibration Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Fracture and Damage Mechanics
Damage tolerance Computational Fracture Mechanics Crack Initiation and Propagation
Damage in composite materials Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing Non-destructive testing Signal processing
Construction management Inverse problem Delamination, damage and fracture
Mechanical and Material Engineering Performance and optimization Safety, security, and reliability
Applications of Composites Artificial intelligence Failure of Composites
Applications of Composites Advanced Numerical Techniques Health Monitoring Techniques in Composites
Auxetic materials and structures Beam, Plate and Shell Computational Models Durability of composite materials
Composite structures in civil engineering Experimental Methods Impact Problems
Composites in Innovative Applications Design and application of composite structures NDT Inspection Techniques for Composites
Dynamics of Composite Materials Electro-thermal properties of composites Stability of Nano, Micro and Macro Composites
FRP and Historic Masonry Structures Modeling of sandwich structures Variable Stiffness Composite Laminates
FRP reinforced concrete structures Modelling of CNT-Polymer Composites Functionally graded materials and structures
Laminated composites with material uncertainties Analysis of Natural Fibre Composites Micromechanics
Natural Fibre Composites Probabilistic modeling of composites Multi-scale Modeling of Graphene


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keynote speakers


Prof. Nicholas Fantuzzi

  • University of Bologna (Italy)
  • Structural Engineering and Hydraulics
  • Advanced Structural Mechanics
  • Composite materials
  • Offshore engineering
  • Numerical simulations



Prof. Francesco TORNABENE

Università del Salento (Italy)

Prof. Gabriele Milani

Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

Dr. Samir KHATIR

Gent university (Belgium)

Prof. Roberto CAPOZUCCA

Politecnica Ancona (Italy)


Scientific Committee

  • Prof. Mohamed Kamel Riahi (UAE)
  • Prof. R. Venkata Rao (India)
  • Prof. Valeria Corinaldesi (Italy)
  • Prof. Nguyen Xuan Hung (Vietnam)
  • Prof. Francesco Iacoviello (Italy)
  • Prof. Maurizio Brocchini (Italy)
  • Dr. Muhamad Norhisham (Malaysia)
  • Prof. Magd Abdel Wahab (Belgium)
  • Prof. Faouzi Hosni (Tunisia)
  • Prof. Gilbert-Rainer Gillich (Romania)
  • Prof. Yusuf Sahin (Turkey)
  • Prof. Stefano Lenci (Italy)
  • Prof. Enes Sukic (Serbia)
  • Prof. Idir Belaidi (Algeria)
  • Dr. Brahim Benaissa (Japan)
  • Prof. Abdeloued Tounsi (Algeria)
  • Prof. Roger Serra (France)
  • Dr. Bendin Kouider (Germany)
  • Dr. Zakaria Belabed (Algeria)
  • Dr. Khatir Samir (Belgium)
  • Dr. Zenzen Roumaissa (Algeria))
  • Dr. Duong Huong Nguyen (Vietnam)
  • Dr. Emad Ghandourah (Saudi Arabia)
  • Prof. Bui Tien Thanh (Vietnam)
  • Dr. Khatir Tawfiq (Algeria)
  • Prof. Seyedali Mirjalili (Australia)
  • Dr. Erica Magagnini (Italy)
  • Dr. Samir Tiachacht (Algeria)
  • Prof. Mohamed Kchaou (Tunisia)
  • Dr. Abdelrachid Hamrani (Canada)
  • Prof. Samir Alaoui (France)
  • Dr. Le Thanh Cuong (Vietnam)
  • Dr. Sameera Naib (Netherlands)
  • Prof. Taazount Mustapha (France)
  • Prof. R-Ali Jafari-Talookolaei (Iran)
  • Dr. Marta Słowik (Poland)
  • Dr. Lassaad Ben Fekih (Belgium)
  • Dr. Bilal Mokrani (Netherlands)
  • Prof. Mahmoudi Saïd (Belgium)



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